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Shoko Suzuki
With music, I feel and communicate ever-present vibrations.
Composer, Music Educator

What's New?

Shoko performed her latest work "Blasse Tage II (Kaléko)"

at Sara Laurence College, NY

Blasse Tage II  (Macha Kaléko) by Shoko Suzuki


* * *

Shoko performed her work "Sequence" in Enough Light in New York 

"Sequence: Improvisation for Marguerite Young" by Shoko Suzuki



* * *

Shoko performed her work "Blasse Tage" in The Village Trip

in New York

Blasse Tage (Macha Kaléko) by Shoko Suzuki

* * *

New recording uploaded!

"Where the water and the air meets" by Shoko Suzuki

* * *

Shoko's latest work 'Cactus Capriccio' is available on Youtube. Check it out!

Michelle Lie plays "Cactus Capriccio" by Shoko Suzuki


* * *

Check out Shoko's Instagram! 


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